Selenite Chakra Pendulum


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These pendulums are used in aromatherapy, herbal remedies, radionics, homeopathy, essential oil therapy, card reading, and healing practices.

No two minerals are exactly alike, so each may differ slightly in size or color.
Clean your pendulum after each use, so that the divination is as clear as possible.

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he stones of the chain of the 7 chakras are
blue aventurine
dark green aventurine
yellow aventurine
red jasper

Selenite is named after Selene, the Greek goddess of the Moon, due to her lunar brilliance. Gifted between lovers brings reconciliation. Selenite crystals are stones with high vibrations. They are associated with the third eye chakra and the crown chakra. In particular, white or transparent crystals have a powerful effect.


In order for it to point in the right direction and receive the right energy, the consciousness of the person using the pendulum, as well as that of the consulted person, must be pure, without obstacles and influences.
In principle, all people are capable of operating and using a pendulum, as long as they are sensitive to the universe in which they live, are receptive, have inner peace and a balanced mind (and body) and are able to clear everyone's heads. thoughts (similar to deep relaxation). In other words, there are few people who cannot use the pendulum. Obviously, its use requires a patient and in-depth study of the movement's principles.

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