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Stone pendant of the sign Sagittarius


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Sagittarius sign stone

Stone: Chalcedony

Size: approx 2 cm.

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Numerous stones, particularly microcrystalline quartz varieties, are classified in the large chalcedony family.

Chalcedony was recognized in the Middle Ages as bringing great benefits to its users. To be effective it should be used as a necklace or a ring. It had a reputation for protecting travelers, winning lawsuits and driving demonic spirits away. It also allowed to keep the bodily forces intact and to guarantee the good disposition to whoever brought a chalcedony to the neck.

Chalcedony is a symbol of human charity. It is endowed with energetic properties that influence the spirit and emotions.

On the physical plane, the benefits vary depending on the color of chalcedony. Thus, white stones are used to promote lactation in women or may work as an antiseptic. Other chalcedony varieties are used to treat fevers, epilepsy and dementia.

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