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onix stone


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Onix Flat Rolled

Origin: Mexico

Function: Protection in general, ward off black magic and people who wish us harm, etc...

Size: 25/35mm.

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ONYX establishes harmony between body and soul, between Yin and Yang, thus providing more resistance, stability and joy of living. It fights melancholy, depression and drives away people who wish us harm or black magic. It is also widely used in the ability to concentrate, beauty, self-respect, self-control.

Health: Joints, hair, bones, cartilage, nails, ears and cells.


The name Onix derives from the Greek "Onyx" which means nail. According to Greek legend, Cupid cut the nails of the goddess Venus and her splinters, scattered across the Earth, turned into the Onix stone, carrying the energy of the goddess, becoming the amulet par excellence of protection for love.

In Persian civilizations, the stone was known for its protective effect against envy and negative energies.

For the Indians, Onix was also used, mainly, to protect from the evil eye.

In astrology, Onix is ​​associated with the signs of: Aquarius, Capricorn, Pisces, Libra, Sagittarius and Cancer.

 Among many properties, the following stand out:

- Increased self-confidence;
- Centralization of positive energies;
- Motivation and courage;
- Aid in emotional control;
- Protection and destruction of negative energies;
- Self-control;
- Overcoming difficult times;
- Safety;
- Decreased effects of depression;
- Balance for body and soul;
- Blocking envy;
- Improved blood circulation;
- Sharpen the senses;
- Eliminates mental fatigue;
- Improves the quality of sleep;
- Contributes to spiritual health.

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