25x13 Metal Incense Holder
  • 25x13 Metal Incense Holder

25x13 Metal Incense Holder


Size cm 25 x 13

Ideal for incense bombs

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The censers convey delicacy, elegance and creativity, decorating and combining with the most diverse types of environments.

The word perfume comes from Latin, it derives from “Per” (through) and “fumus” (smoke), confirming the ancient custom of spreading resin and aromatic herbs over smoking coals, with the purpose of purifying the air and warding off infectious dangers.

In addition to the initial rudimentary charcoal models, censers have been present since the dawn of humanity in various religions, such as the thurible in Christianity. However, the burning of perfumed resins in these containers was not restricted to religious cults. The practice was disseminated in the culture of many peoples, from the most primitive to the most cultured in each country and civilization.

Throughout their use, censers evolved from mere containers for burning aromatic resins, becoming decorative pieces of the most varied shapes and materials, assuming a role as important as the incense itself.