RAIZA is the name of the business sector of the company Inforbatista, Lda, where it is intended in one place to provide its customers with a physical and spiritual cure, contributing to their health and beauty
A person's well-being involves feeling good about himself, having peace and tranquility and staying healthy, in RAIZA we have all the ingredients to provide this well-being sought after by everyone.
In terms of aesthetics, we focus our services on treatments aimed at the face and body: skin cleaning, treatment for spots and wrinkles, hydration, exfoliation, reducing treatments and firmness treatments, using various manual techniques and with appropriate equipment, taking special care with the choice of products used, striving for their quality and proof of results.
As beauty comes from within, we need to have a healthy mind and spiritual balance, in RAIZA you can find this balance through Reiki sessions, Aura reading, Radionic Table, and several other therapies with the objective of spiritual cleansing and healing, adding the tarot, cartomancy and transformation game, and group meditation sessions.
If you want to learn more about these therapies or become a therapist, you can also attend our facilities, either face-to-face or online, with various courses that we promote periodically.
In Raiza you will find a welcoming space full of good energy.
In our store you can find a wide variety of articles related to the three main areas we work: Mystical and Esoteric Products to decorate your home or to help you find a light that will show you the way to the magical world where we are able to achieve dreams we live for, Creams and cosmetics to keep skin healthy, fight wrinkles, cellulite, and stretch marks and Natural Supplements that prevent disease and strengthen the immune system, help with weight control as well as help to improve existing diseases.