Salt and Rue Spray 180 ml
  • Salt and Rue Spray 180 ml

Salt and Rue Spray 180 ml


Herbal essence and extract in vaporizer

Function: Cleansing negative energies, unloading and purifying.

Capacity: 180ml

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Vaporizers are made using ancestral formulas that have adapted to the way of spraying. They are made with herbal extracts and essences specially ritualized for each specific purpose.

They are ideal products to be used directly on the body (spray a cloud at about 40 cm) or in places where we spend a lot of time, such as homes, establishments, workplaces, etc.

This Vaporizer is especially indicated against the evil eye and to break spells.

Composition: Demineralized water, alcohol, plant extracts, exotic essences of great spiritual reach.

- Environments: Spray the 4 corners of the location (or locations) and finish in the center.

ATTENTION: External use. Do not ingest.