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Florida water soap
  • Florida water soap

Florida water soap


Soap from Agua Florida Shamanic Colony

Legitimate Florida Water, Murray & Lanman

Origin: Peru • Weight: 90/95 grs.

Function: Shamanism, healing, protection, cleansing, luck, prosperity, opening paths,



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 Florida Water is a healing instrument widely used in indigenous and shamanic ceremonies, mainly in the Andes region and in the Peruvian Amazon. Its high healing power was discovered a long time ago by shamans and shamans and until today its use is well known and publicized in Ayahuasca ceremonies, São Pedro, as well as Wicca and Voodoo ceremonies. Also widely used in other moments of daily life, such as cleaning, unloading and therapies in general.

Its history began in 1808 when it was created in the USA. Its preparation combines a floral variety of essential oils in a water and alcohol base. They include notes such as amber, musk and benzoin; in addition to citrus notes such as: bergamot, neroli, lemon, cloves, cinnamon, lavender, rose, orange blossom and other plants, and its formula is kept secret to this day. Its aroma is refreshing, magical and enveloping, allowing to free and refresh the mind and spirit, as well as reassure and calm people in a state of shock.

Florida Water became an instrument of powerful spiritual connection in shamanism. Its use and application have already been registered in several mystical cultures spread across the most diverse parts of the globe. In Peruvian shamanism rituals, for example, the healer places a few drops on the patient's body, crossing the forehead, chest and back, singing protective songs, to seal, close and protect the patient's body against evil spirits. There is a type of shaman called a “Perfumero” who specializes in the use of this and other scents to attack witchcraft, cure diseases and attract positive energies.