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Amaze Spirits 5 tubes
  • Amaze Spirits 5 tubes

Amaze Spirits 5 tubes


This elegant wind chime has five metal tubes, a wooden beater and a rainbow crystal pendant.



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Espanta Espíritos or also known as wind chimes, serve, as its name indicates, to ward off the so-called "wandering spirits" and energize environments.

It is also believed that, due to the vibration of the sound they produce, they attract positive energies, protective energies, harmony and joy.

They vibrate and raise the energy of the environment, emit a relaxing and pleasant sound, harmonize the place with frequency and high vibration.

Object usually made of metal or bamboo tubes suspended by wires that produces sound through the action of the wind.

The natural melodies produced bring us calm, well-being and harmony.

Espanta Espíritos, in ancient times, were immensely used to warn their holders of presences, that is, of spirits, bad energies, etc., with soft tinkles.