Tibetan incense Nirvana
  • Tibetan incense Nirvana
  • Tibetan incense Nirvana

Tibetan incense Nirvana

Appreciated around the world, Tibetan incense is handcrafted according to Buddhist tradition. Its composition is 100% natural and is based on the combination of different medicinal plants from Tibet.
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Mokchhya incense, also known as Nirvana, is a special blend of Himalayan herbs used for centuries by Buddhists to develop enlightened qualities. Ghanten Khampa, lhasanga shukpa, pangpoe, balu, cloves and cinnamon are traditionally offered at the top of the mountains to pray for peace and the conscience of all beings.
Each package contains 30 sticks and each stick burns for approximately 45 min.
Accompanies mini censer.