Selenite Cathedral 6 cm
  • Selenite Cathedral 6 cm

Selenite Cathedral 6 cm


Mineral: Selenite (Selenite)

Origin: Morocco

Rustic finish

Approximate size: 6 cm.



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Selenite (Selenite) is a special Crystal that strengthens our spirituality and greatly increases contact with our spiritual guides and masters. It connects us with the purest energies of the spirit and connects us with higher levels and extraterrestrial fraternities.

It is believed to be one of the most powerful purification stones in the world, and is even capable of energetically cleansing other stones and crystals.

The Selenite stone channels a large amount of light and high vibrations and thus promotes strong spiritual elevation, as it activates the 12th Chakra, known as the "Gateway to the Stars".

Energies and Selenite
Selenite is a crystal full of light, capable of establishing contact with the highest spiritual realms. It increases our vibration and enables encounters with Spiritual Guides and Angels during dreams and meditations. Its energy generates a protective shield around it, awakens telepathy and strengthens mediumship. It purifies the Aura and eliminates all negativity accumulated in the physical, mental and spiritual body. Selenite also greatly clears the mind and opens the doors to our spiritual and professional growth.

Selenite and Our Body
— Selenite greatly strengthens bones, improves cases of Arthritis, helps fight cancer and eliminate tumors.
— It helps in the treatment of epilepsy, increases libido and fertility, removes blockages in the spine and rejuvenates the physical body.
— Its energies also remove mental confusion, reduce stress and anxiety and promote the purification of the physical and spiritual bodies.

Cleansing and Energizing Selenite
Selenite is a special crystal that has the ability to purify itself and can even be used to energetically cleanse other stones. To recharge its energy, leave it under the moonlight for 3 hours or in the sunlight for a maximum of 10 minutes, as it is immensely sensitive to heat.

Use of Selenite
— For spiritual protection and to purify your energy field, use a Selenite pendant or keep a raw Selenite with you on a daily basis.
— To purify, protect and attract very positive energies into your home, keep a good-sized Selenite in a fixed spot in your living room or bedroom.
— If you want to make contact with your spiritual guides, meditate with Selenite in your hand and maintain a deep desire to evolve.
— When kept in contact with other stones during the night, Selenite will purify all your energies.

General Uses and Applications of Selenite
— Contact with our spiritual guides
— Spiritual elevation
— Intense energetic purification
— Accelerate our evolution
— Strengthen mediumship and intuition
— Protection against negative energies
— Energetic cleaning of other stones
— Calm the mind and emotions

Cleaning: It should not be cleaned with water, just remove the dust with a duster.