Buddha Resin Fountain With Light 18x18x24 cm
  • Buddha Resin Fountain With Light 18x18x24 cm

Buddha Resin Fountain With Light 18x18x24 cm


Size cm 18x18x24

Polyresina Material

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Not Feng Shui, at the source of water, it is two elements that bring great positivity and cleanliness to your home.


Calm_ O som da running water and a natural soothing;

Trazem energy for the environment, it influences the lives of people who use this way, not their space;

Trazem Prosperity No Feng Shui to water can trace wealth and prosperity;

Geram Luz Positioning a local water source that receives natural light, it manages to increase the clarity of the environment as a water prism;

Refresh the hot days As the water evaporates or the environment becomes more cool and humid.

How to Use

Water Sources Choose a prominent area to place at the water source and then proceed to consider the other elements of decoration;

O size of source is two main details that you must observe;

Larger fonts are indicated for large environments, whereas smaller fonts are ideal for small spaces, such as desktops:

At first it should not be an object before the rest of the decoration, always being in tune with the other elements of the environment.