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Amazing Bamboo Spirit 65 cm
  • Amazing Bamboo Spirit 65 cm

Amazing Bamboo Spirit 65 cm


Made with elements from nature, the spirit scares attract positive and protective energies, harmony and joy, bringing tranquility and allowing our mind to distance ourselves from immediate problems.



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O Scare Spirits ou also known as wind sinuses, servem, as or not indicated to me, to destroy the so-called "Wandering Spirits" and energize environments. Believe it too, it peels vibração do som that produces, attracts positive energies, protective energies, harmony and joy. Vibram and elevates the Energy of the environment, emits a relaxing and pleasant, harmonizing place with a high frequency and vibration. Object normally made of metal or bamboo tubes suspended by wires that are produced through the wind action. The natural melodies produced bring us to calm, or bem-be in harmony. Os Espanta Espíritos, in ancient times, they were immensely used to warn your holders of presenças, ou seja, of spirits, more energies, etc, with soft tints.