Happy Yoga Incense (Cones)
  • Happy Yoga Incense (Cones)

Incense Happy Yoga (Cones)


Incense packaging in sweet, floral and cheerful aroma cones to stimulate happiness.
Packing with cones incense.

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Happy Yoga Incense Cones - Green Tree
Happy Yoga Cones Incense - 10 cones per unit - Approximate Burning Time: 20 minutes
Happy yoga
An exercise for the mind and body, because both are so closely intertwined: Yoga.
The perfume has been carefully composed and aims to add an extra dimension to your yoga experience. Like yoga itself, perfume has an effect on body and mind. Where patchouli and amber meet, a vibrant blend is created that makes you sunny and happy.
Here and in other parts of Asia, incense has been used for thousands of years for meditation, as a cleansing or morning ritual, to mark an event or create a divine or fresh aura. A blend of natural ingredients has become the basis for spicy, fresh, floral, wood, powder or sweet aromas such as almost transcendental odors. Decorate your home now with personally chosen divine fragrances.
Flavors are composed according to the principles of aromatology, which is the study of the influence of odors on human behavior. It is also the art of composing odors and evaluating their effects of body and mind.
The pointed top cones light up and place them upright so they can burn down.