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Clove essential oil (Eugena caryophyllata) 100% pure
  • Clove essential oil (Eugena caryophyllata) 100% pure
  • Clove essential oil (Eugena caryophyllata) 100% pure

Clove essential oil (Eugena caryophyllata) 100% pure without addition, 10 ml



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Create a special atmosphere and give more value to the moments of rest

The essential oil of cloves invigorates the senses and improves your health.

Without the addition of parabens or other ingredients, 100% clove essential oil is recommended as an anti-inflammatory, antiperspirant, astringent, carminative, hypoglycemic, hypotensive and general tonic. It is an adjunct in: bronchitis, cold accompanied by fever, gastrointestinal inflammation, biliary dyskinesia, nervousness, stress, rheumatism, cellulite.

A soothing fragrance for a relaxing bath

Clove essential oil can be used:

• in bath water (up to 8 drops of essential oil are added) for rheumatic, muscular pain, fever reduction and for general relaxation

• in massage oil in case of cold and in anti-cellulite massage

• by inhalation with 5 drops per 100ml of hot water

• in aromatherapy fights stress, fatigue, migraines and insomnia

Note: Do not use the product undiluted and avoid eye contact. This product is for external use only!

Warning: Clove essential oil is not recommended for pregnant women, nursing mothers and people allergic to this product.


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