Holy Stick Incense
  • Holy Stick Incense

Holy Stick Incense


Holy Stick Incense, Palo Santo, Balaji, India

Function: Against negative energies, attracts positive energies, reassures, helps attunement in moments of meditation ...

Box with 15 rods

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The origin of Pau Santo wood is Brazil, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. Being used as a natural incense in South America for hundreds of years for many different purposes.

The Holy Stick is also widely used in spiritual rituals and smoking environments in order to unlock energies, attract luck and improve the mood.

When burned, this wood exudes a sweet aroma with a pleasant and gentle presence, creating an environment of peace and relaxation.

Base Functions:
- It expels the negative energies and attracts the positive energies.
- Helps attunement in spiritual moments of meditation and contemplation.
- Purify and clean the environment of heavy and negative energies.
- Used in the bedroom creates an intimate, loving, energy-filled environment of happiness
- Acts as relaxing
- Repels the mosquitoes