White Sage & Palo Santo - Native Soul
  • White Sage & Palo Santo - Native Soul

White Sage & Palo Santo - Native Soul

The Indian incense Native Soul of the renowned brand Green Tree has Salvia Branca and Pau Santo as its main Ingredients
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Salvia Branca, the plant of the mint family, has been used for centuries by Native American peoples for the purification of their ceremonies (Ayahuasca, Iboga, Peyote ...) and healing sessions. It is believed that burning dry leaves cleans environments, people or people, from all negative energies and dark spirits.
Palo Santo, called sacred wood in Spanish, has also been part of South American culture for decades. The wood of this wild tree from the Amazonian forests was traditionally burned by the Inca and Shaman peoples for spiritual purification, energy cleaning and healing.
The combination of the ground aroma of White Salvia with the soft balsamic aroma of Pau Santo, provides an atmosphere of meditation.
The smell is wonderful.
It is a strong essence for energy cleaning.
All boxes carry a White feather along with Incense.