Sweetgrass + Cedro
  • Sweetgrass + Cedro

Sweetgrass + Cedro - Tribal Soul

The main ingredients of the Indian Tribal Soul Incense of the renowned brand Hari Darshan are Sweet Grass (Cedar) and Sweet Grass
SweetGrass (Fennel) and Cedar (Cedro) are two of the great plants used by native peoples together with Savia (White, Blue or Black) and Tobacco or Tobacco.
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SweetGrass is the sacred hair of Mother Nature, usually used braided in 3. After drying, the braid is burned at the beginning of prayers and prayers or at the beginning of ceremonies with the intention of smoking and purifying the spirit.

Cedar or Cedro, a resin taken from an aromatic tree, is also used for ritual cleansing and healing rituals. The native peoples of North America burn Cedar while they pray and say that its smoke attracts good spirits and eliminates negative energies. The vanilla aroma of Sweet Grass combines these incense sticks with the sweet and herbaceous aroma of Cedar to create protection, purify and bring positivity.

The smell is wonderful.

It is a strong essence for energy cleaning.

All boxes carry a Water Green feather along with Incense.