White Sage & Lavander - Native Soul
  • White Sage & Lavander - Native Soul

White Sage & Lavander - Native Soul

The Indian Tribal Soul Incense from the renowned brand Hari Darshan has as its main ingredients White Sage and Lavender
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White Sage has been considered sacred by Native Americans, who have been using it for many years as a bad energy driver. Through Sage it is possible to drive negativity to the heavens where it will be purified. It has been used to clean and purify people, objects and places, through the technique of smoking with incense and white sage torches.
Lavender, well known for its medicinal qualities as well as its protective and cleansing powers, works to restore and calm your emotional side. It also opens the Anahata heart chakra, to attract love energy around you.
White Salvia and Lavender merge in these incense sticks for a high aromatic experience, creating a peaceful, harmonious atmosphere and allowing greater ease of relaxation.
The smell is wonderful.
It is a strong essence for energy cleaning.
All boxes carry a pink feather along with incense.