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Goloka Sandalwood Organic Incense
  • Goloka Sandalwood Organic Incense

Goloka Sandalwood Organic Incense

Aroma: Sandalwood
Contains 15 grs.
Function: Meditation, luck, fortune and against bad energies


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Also known as Chandana, Sandalwood has been recognized as the quintessential spiritual fragrance.
The Vedic Sages have always known about the beneficial effects of Sandalwood, both on a physical and spiritual level, which is why they revered it and judiciously used it for medicinal purposes.
Burning this Organic Sandalwood Incense will not only create a holistic atmosphere, it will also cleanse bad energy and create a shield against it. It is also believed to attract luck, fortune and lift people's spirits.
"Sandalwood is like a blessing to humanity."