Goloka Lemon Grass
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Goloka Lemon Grass

The Lemon Grass Aromatherapy Indian Incense belongs to the line of incense created by the well-known Goloka brand, in which the art and science of using aromatic essences (natural oils) naturally extracted from plants is used to balance, harmonize and promote the health of the body, mind and body. spirit.
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Lemon grass, also known as capim-santo and lemongrass, is an herb originally from Asia, but easily found in Brazil.
Lemongrass contains about 4% volatile oil. Its volatile oil is 65% citrol, 12% myrcene and 23% different oils. Lemongrass oil is a particular antibiotic against positive bacteria and fungi. It has also been found to be effective as a central nervous system depressant, fever reducer, and anti oxidant. It appears that lemongrass oil applied to the joints will relieve the pain experienced in arthritic joint conditions.
Lemongrass, or lemon grass, is a lesser-known spiritual herb to prevent distractions and procrastination. If you struggle to do something and find many excuses not to do it, then you need lemongrass! It gives you clarity on purpose, so that you can start working. It also shows the great benefit of completing this task, you will serve yourself and others. Lemon grass sharpens your focus and prevents people from interrupting your important work.
Goloka is a brand of incense and oils manufactured by a non-profit organization, Goloka Seva Trust, located in Bangalore, India. Goloka Seva Trust's specialty is that 100% of the proceeds are for solidarity activities, while you enjoy a quality Goloka fragrance