Activated Smoking Tablets - White Salvia
  • Activated Smoking Tablets - White Salvia

Activated Smoking Tablets - White Salvia


Energetic Cleansing Activated Smoking Tablets

Made in Argentina by Sagrada Madre

Contents: 4 tablets • Approx. firing: 15 to 20 m

Function: Powerful discharge. Ancestral protective herb... Conductor of light and positive energy. Cleanses, purifies and attracts the energy of success and prosperity.

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The practice of smoking is transversal to all the great spiritual currents, whether in ceremonies, rituals, etc...

This practice helped the human being to evolve towards the Divine, the transcendent, on the invisible side of the experience, always with the greatest respect and communion with the Planet, our mother Earth.

These Bombitas are powerful smokes activated with herbs, resins and essential oils and are indicated for use in environments and in all spaces in general.



- Smoking must always be done in ventilated areas.

- Place the tablet in a heat resistant and NON-flammable burner or container.

- Place the flame of a lighter for a few seconds until the tablet is slightly glowing.

- The remains can be disposed of in Nature itself as it is completely natural.