Maria Padilha Tarot Deck
  • Maria Padilha Tarot Deck

Maria Padilha Tarot Deck


Maria Padilha Tarot

It is accompanied by a small booklet in Portuguese with the meaning of the cards.

36 Cards with the format 70 X 115 mm.

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This is a deck that was conceived from simple intuition. Maria Padilha is an entity full of vivacity, strength and faith, in addition to having spiritual merits that allow her to act directly in matters that involve the dimension in which we live. In the fight against evil, the phalanges of Luz always count on her valuable help, as Maria Padilha is an intermediary who works with the vital energy that transits between the concrete carnal world and the ethereal spiritual world.
 In Umbanda sessions, obsessors are placed in the bodies
of various “rolling” mediums and when they are removed by
nurses of spirituality, the “street people” manifest themselves to unload them. Among these aid entities, known as “street people”, are several phalanges linked to Maria Padilha. It must be stressed that Maria Padilha never served evil or darkness! It manifests itself using a low density, in order to reach the phalanges contrary to the light, helping them in their astral liberation. And the purpose of this deck is precisely to help in times of difficult decision, so that somehow the best path is followed.