Massala Dragon Blood Goloka Incense
  • Massala Dragon Blood Goloka Incense

Massala Dragon Blood Goloka Incense

Healing and Protection Energy.
Woody fragrance with sweet and citrus nuances.

• Organic natural raw materials.
• Non-toxic hand-rolled product in India.
• Box with 12-15 sticks.
• Box with 12 boxes.
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The Dragon Blood fragrance “Dragon's Blood” is a powerful blend of sweet, spicy and earthy notes that are infused with essential oils from woods, herbs, fruits and flowers. It is a truly unique and high quality aroma. One of the most traditional fragrances to bring purification and well-being provides the energy of ancient healing
This is an incense used for love, protection, abundance, healing and cleansing negative energies.
According to ancient legends, “dragon's blood” (sap from a sacred tree in the east) was one of the main ingredients to compile the most powerful magic potions, used in rituals designed to attract material wealth, guaranteeing good health and longevity.