Pomba Gira Rose Skull
  • Pomba Gira Rose Skull

Pomba Gira Rose Skull


Image of Esmerald Gypsy

Material: Hand-painted plaster.

Size: Approximately 20 cm tall.

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She lived approximately 2,300 years before Christ, in the Mongolian region, her parents were farmers and had a lot of land. She was one of the couple's 7 daughters, and her birth took place in the spring and her mother had a very large garden of red and yellow roses, which surrounded her entire house. It was in this garden where her birth took place. Her parents, in addition to being farmers, were also sorcerers, but they only practiced good for those who sought them out, and her mother had a lot of faith in a cross that existed behind her house in the middle of the garden, where her relatives were buried. In the delivery of Rosa Caveira, her mother was having problems, and it made her birth difficult and she was losing a lot of blood, and could even die in childbirth. It was when Rosa Caveira's grandmother, who had already died a long time ago and was buried in that cemetery behind her house, seeing her daughter's suffering, came spiritually to help her in childbirth, and her mother with great difficulty and help from her grandmother (deceased), managed to give birth to Rosa Caveira, and as proof of her love, her granddaughter, her grandmother, placed several Yellow Roses around her and asked her daughter to name her ROSA SKULL, due to the fact that she was born in a garden full of Roses and above a Campo Santo (cemetery), and also because of the Astral appearance of her mother (grandmother), who appeared to be a Skull. In gratitude for her help, she placed a Yellow Rose on her chest and, holding her mother's hand, baptized her with the name of ROSA CAVEIRA DO CRUZEIRO, known by the popular name of Rosa Caveira. She grew up with her sisters, but was always treated differently by her sisters, whenever her birthday came, her grandmother would visit her (spiritually), and because of these visits and affection that her parents had for her, her The sisters started to get jealous and began to mistreat Rosa, make fun of her, call her cursed because she was born on top of a Campo Santo and her birth was done by a dead woman, a skull from hell, etc. And with each passing day, Rosa grew angrier at her sisters. So she asked her parents to teach her how to work with magic, but not to do evil, but for her own defense, and help from people who might come looking for her. Her grandmother always came to tell her that she would need to take care of herself, because very serious things were about to happen. Her very attentive father taught her everything she could learn, and also taught her how to handle swords, spears, daggers, that is, weapons in general. Her mother taught her everything that could be done with herbs, portions, perfumes, and especially what could be done on a Cruise. It was then that her sisters became even more angry, because she was being prepared to be a great Enchantress, and being helped by her Parents and her Grandmother, and they mocked her even more, calling her a woman mixed with man and demon, a freak of nature, not because of her appearance, because she was beautiful, but because she came into the world in the hands of a Skull (her grandmother), and was born on top of a cemetery. Her sisters married farmers in the region, but one of her sisters (the eldest) perfected herself in Black Magic, and out of revenge for the affection and promptness that her parents gave Rosa and not them, not because her parents liked it. more of her, because they had love like everyone else, but Rosa showed more interest than the others, she made a spell that killed her parents. Rosa, very angry, killed her sister and her husband. The other sisters feared her, swore their loyalty to her and never mocked her again. At the age of 19 she went out into the world wanting to discover something new in her life, that's when she met a man (Mago) who was 77 years old, and together with his 4 brothers, he taught her various spells and spells, all about revenge , the hatred, the pain, because that man was the most hated and feared Mage around by the Feudal Lords and Black Mages. She lived in a cemetery with her 4 brothers and disciples. She learned to see the future and do various Magic in a different way, she always wore a skull both human and animal and in her mouth she placed a yellow rose, that's when in one of her visions, she saw her sisters planning her death. She, in turn, very smart, made a Magic, which killed all her sisters. After doing this, she returned to the magician's company, and with his help she went through several villages, causing wars to do justice and to rid the people of the Feudal Lords, and also to rid these people of the spells of Black Magicians and Evil Sorcerers, and because of that she was greatly venerated, adored and respected by all. At the age of 99, her lover and master died and she took his place along with the magician's older brother. At age 77 she was betrayed by one of the brothers of the deceased magician, the third brother, who handed her over to a magician who was looking for her, this magician was one of the most feared and perverse and who knew her weakness. With the help of that brother, that Mage killed her, and slit the throat of the Rose and handed her head on a golden platter surrounded by red roses, to the Spirits of the Black Mages. After that, she was spiritually imprisoned by this magician until she was freed by her beloved and master, the deceased magician, who delivered the phalanx of Exu Caveira. The brother of the magician who betrayed her was killed 3 years later by Rosa herself, who gave her soul as a gift to her Beloved and Master, thus becoming her slave. It was there that she began to work on the line of souls and became known as Skull Rose (Pomba-Gira Guerreira and Justiceira), because in her astral presentation she comes in the form of a woman or a skull, or half and half, always with a yellow Rose in her hands and a skull at her feet, this skull representing all your enemies who cross your path. She works in the line of souls and is part of the phalanx of Exu Caveira and Tava Caveira Her point of strength is on the cruise of souls, where her requests and offerings are delivered. Her favorite flower is Yellow Rose Her tab is either black and white or yellow and black.