Pomba Gira Dama da Noite
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Pomba Gira Dama da Noite


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Material: Hand-painted plaster.

Size: Approximately 20 cm tall.

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Carmem wandered the streets without knowing where to go. He lost his parents when he was five and went to live with his uncles.
Treated like a slave for years, she never knew the meaning of the word happiness. Illiterate, she only knew the secrets of cooking and cleaning that she was obliged to do daily.
Her cousin's harassment had become unbearable as she grew in shape and beauty. The young man insisted so much that he ended up taking her to bed, where they were caught by the old aunt, who never doubted her son's words, who accused the girl of seducing him day after day. The pleas and oaths of innocence were of no avail. She was immediately put out on the street penniless and with nothing but the clothes on her back.
Now here she was wandering through streets she didn't know on a dark night with tears running down her beautiful face. A man approached her: - What makes such a beautiful girl lost around here? And why is she crying? Disheartened, she began to talk about everything that had happened. She had nothing to lose.
Who knows, maybe that boy would help her? He was the only one who showed interest in her drama. After hearing everything he said: - Come with me, I have a place for you to stay! With no other option, the young woman followed him. They entered a dark house where only a small light flickered.
A lady dressed and made up extravagantly for that time of night, she answered them promptly: -Another girl, Jorginho? Abruptly, the boy grabbed the woman by the arm and whispered: - This is mine, I'll only want it for myself! - Calm down, big boy! If you pay I see no reason why it shouldn't be yours._
From that moment on, Carmem became another girl for the famous Madame Eglantine. At first she went to bed with Jorge out of gratitude, little by little, but she fell in love with the boy, who soon got sick of what she had with ease. After two months of unconditional love, the boy looked for Madame and said: - It's time for the girl to make a living, I can no longer pay for her stay here._
Eglantine smiled with disdain, because she already knew that would be the end, she wasn't the first one to go through this in her house. Upon being informed of her new assignments, the girl despaired and cried for an entire afternoon. With no way to escape the situation, she prepared to fulfill the agreement. Sitting in the large dimly lit room, Carmem was waiting.
Every time one of the girls went upstairs accompanied by someone, she sighed with relief for not being chosen.
However, when she already thought she would be free for that night, Madame appears with a gentleman: - Honey, treat Commander Belizário very well, he is the silver of the house! When looking at the man, she felt her stomach turn, he could be her grandfather! Eglantine noticed and fixed an icy look on her: - Take him to his room and do everything to please him. With heavy feet she climbed the stairs that would take her to the sacrifice, pulling the Commander by the hand. The old man sniffed at the back of her neck and she tried to deviate from the contact, when she felt the stinky breath, she couldn't resist, asked him to let go of her and pushed him violently._
That only excited the man who was now literally drooling on her neck more. Instinctively, she grabbed the lamp's bronze rod and hurled it at Belisário's head with hatred. Blood rushed immediately staining her breast.
But the old man didn't fall, taken with rage, he squeezed the young woman's neck until, with glazed eyes, she breathed her last. Frightened by what he had done and with blood running down his face, the Commander ran to the stairs where he stumbled and rolled, falling dead in the middle of Madame Eglantine's drawing room. For many years Carmem's spirit wandered through dark regions where he reviewed and revived karmas and sins from previous lives. Supported by auxiliary lines, she began her work of spiritual evolution using the guise of the Pomba-Gira Dama da Noite. Anyone who has consulted with this great woman knows the great advice she always gives with a kind and warm smile. Laroiê the Lady of the Night! Laroiê the Pomba-Giras!