Caboclo Cobra Coral
  • Caboclo Cobra Coral

Caboclo Cobra Coral


Image of Caboclo Cobra Coral

Material: Hand-painted plaster.

Size: Approximately 25 cm tall.

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Caboclo Cobra Coral was an Indian of Aztec origin. He is the chief guide of Terreiro. In Umbanda, he works on the vibration of Xangô, which is present at the top of quarries, in waterfalls and in the woods. When we talk about Caboclo Cobra Coral, we also talk about the supremacy of Umbanda, which is a religion, formed within the Brazilian religious culture, including several elements, including other religions.

It was in Brazil that indigenous spirits from different geographical locations found the true opportunity for evolution within a Spirituality. In the Portuguese language, the meaning of caboclo is the mestizo of white and indigenous people. History made the beginning of Umbanda official in Brazil in 1908, with the incorporation of Caboclo Sete Encruzilhadas, but publications were found that in 1890, Caboclo Cobra Coral was incorporated by a 16-year-old youth who practiced charity according to the fundamentals of Umbanda. Umbanda. The Caboclo Cobra Coral, like all caboclos, conserves the primary vibration of Oxossi, but with great performance in the original vibration of the Xangô line, which in religious syncretism corresponds to Saint Jerome, representative of divine Justice, of Karmic law, is the leader of the souls, the lord of the universal balance that strengthens our spiritual state. Cobra Coral is a calm and wise Indian, with a profound knowledge of magic and cures.

He knows the secrets of venomous animals, his image is that of a tall chief, he has a club in his left hand and a coral snake in his right hand and another on his waist.

He is not only famous in the physical world, his fame is also well known in the spiritual plane. Much feared by spirits of a lower order, being known in the astral underworld as "The Great Coral Snake". In the astral underworld, many inferior spirits and group leaders are terrified of meeting him. In the world of great magicians and wizards, he is known as "The Wizard of the Cobra Staff".

Cobra Coral, chief of the Aztec phalanx, was the incarnation of the Italian physicist and astronomer Galileo Galilei in the 17th century, considered the father of mathematics and former US president Abraham Lincoln. His last incarnation was in northern Brazil, in the city of Cercania on the border of Pará. The Caboclo Cobra Coral is the emblem of purity and magic. The faith that dwells in each of us is particular. It grows solidifies, and the years change our character and create behaviors that will set us apart throughout our lives.