Caboclo Gira Mundo
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Caboclo Gira Mundo


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Material: Hand-painted plaster.

Size: Approximately 20 cm tall.

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An entity less and less seen on land working in our terreiros, it has a strong presence in the astral plane. Commander of an extensive legion of spirits responsible for indoctrinating and directing suffering spirits.

His works are extremely notable, in addition to these works of disobsession and guidance, works aimed at growth and elevation, both spiritual and even material, stand out for those who seek him. It usually acts to rebuild people who end up,
for various reasons, reaching rock bottom. Logically, this will depend a lot on whether the person has really repented and is deserving.

A great peacemaker, he works a lot on issues of harmonization and rebalancing of major conflicts. A feature that marks this entity is that he is the great guardian of the boundaries between the physical and astral plane.

All these characteristics make us realize that this great entity acts a lot in the vibrations of the Orixás Ogum, Oxalá, Exu, Iansã and Xangô.