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Esmerald Gypsy
  • Esmerald Gypsy

Esmerald Gypsy


Image of Esmerald Gypsy

Material: Hand-painted plaster.

Size: Approximately 20 cm tall.



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This gypsy is protective of the abundance of food, she is a food sorceress, those who make spells that are eaten, for various types of purposes. Esmeralda is from Évora, Portugal. She traveled across Europe, learning dishes and perfecting her spells. Esmeralda's magic lasts a long time and when she arrives there is usually a feast, which she sometimes does herself. She is an excellent user of tachos (copper pans) and knives, with which she cuts, cuts and cooks. For her, the wooden spoon and the sharp knife with sheath are essential, which she carries in her bag in case of need. She is a party girl, smiley, matronly, bossy and doesn't take no for an answer. Great confectioner of gypsy magic is dangerous and must be treated with lots of love and care. Magic If you want to learn an Emerald magic, make a pot so that your house doesn't lack anything. Take a small bomboniere and put inside it a little of each of these grains and seeds: peas, lentils, unpeeled rice, peanuts, chickpeas and whole wheat. Place three current coins on top, with the value facing upwards, and a citrine quartz in the middle of them. Leave it energizing for three days in the light of the crescent moon and ask the Moon and the grains to lend their magic strength, so that nothing is missing from your home. Put it on a piece of furniture in your house in a high place, as if it were a knick-knack. By doing so, you can be certain that your home will never run out of food.