Maria Malandra
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Maria Malandra


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Material: Hand-painted plaster.

Size: Approximately 20 cm tall.

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Malandra do Cabaré was a woman ahead of her time, she was born very humble, in Rio de Janeiro, more precisely in Gamboa (Port Area), when she was young (maybe 15 years old) she started going out, going to Lapa to to have fun, he played cards with the rascals who were around, he learned bad things and good things about life, he started drinking and smoking and having other addictions.

She got involved with many men, for money and also to pass the time, have fun, they all liked her a lot, which attracted the envy of other women, despite that she had a friend, who today in Linha de Malandros, is an entity called Malandra Maria Navalha.

She was very dear to her “clients” and to the Rascals of the time. She lived very well from then on, a lot of drinking, a lot of cigarettes, some drugs, cards (card games), men to succumb to her desires, the samba of the Rio night. She had everything she wanted, all the good and the best, but she never had love, and that made her very sad.
It is the feminine force that manifests itself on the left, together with Exú. It brings the female power and the practical relationship with the sacred feminine. They are friendly entities and guardians of the spiritual plane, who walk alongside us seeking evolution for their spirits and help us to achieve growth in life.