Cabloca Jurema
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Cabloca Jurema


Image of Cabloca Jurema

Material: Hand-painted plaster.

Size: Approximately 20 cm tall.

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The word Jurema comes from the Tupi Guarani language and means a thorn with a bad smell” which refers to the Jurema tree. The tree that, according to the story, was where Cabocla's mother, in life, would have abandoned her, when she was only seven months old, being rescued and raised by Caboclo Tupinambá, becoming the sister of Jupira and Jandira.

Cabocla Jurema became the first warrior and chief of her tribe and tells the story that, because of a forbidden love, she was persecuted by her own tribe and died when she was hit in the chest by the arrow that had been directed at her beloved. the Caboclo Huascar.

After her death, her beloved would have returned to the land of the sun and would have founded an empire in the Andean mountains, in honor of Jurema and there all women would learn to be warriors, like the woman who saved her life.

It is also said that in the place where Jurema died, a beautiful plant was born, strong and resistant, which flowers all year round. This flower is always facing the Sun, the biggest star, and thus became known as Sunflower.

This divinity is evoked by both indigenous peoples, Umbanda practitioners and the heirs of Catimbó (the enchanted world of Jurema). Because of this, she can present herself in three forms of personifications, all with remarkable beauty: as a young black woman, as a young Indian woman or as a young white woman, with indigenous traits.

Cabocla Jurema has a serious and closed face when they are incorporated. When on land, they are guides who don't talk much, being more listeners, but giving good advice. Always with a word of comfort, he has a lot of affection for his consultants.

Its main areas of action, when working within an Umbanda terreiro, are strengthening the spirit, counseling the afflicted, prosperity, acting in the health area and breaking demands.

His passes are powerful and work by removing negative energies and removing astral larvae (ideas projected by the human mind and materialized in the astral world, which is maintained by the power of our thoughts).

Like all Caboclos, she eats different fruits. As for your drink, this entity can be seen consuming coconut water, wine and even light beer.

With regard to the tobacco used for their work, most use cigars, but this does not prevent them from being seen handling another type of tobacco.

Its mediums work with guides that are predominantly green in color, and there may also be details in red, white or even yellow that can be accompanied by props such as feathers and symbols linked to the orixá or that refer to arrows or something from the woods.

With regard to the props, as a cabocla of feathers, Jurema appears wearing a headdress usually in green, red and white, which can vary according to the will of her phalanges.