Caboclo Sete Flechas
  • Caboclo Sete Flechas

Caboclo Sete Flechas


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Material: Hand-painted plaster.

Size: Approximately 20 cm tall.

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One of the oldest Caboclos in Umbanda. The origin of this phalanx is in the Bantu tribes (black people from Angola).

In Brazil, we find Caboclo Flecheiro as a counselor and advisor. Great connoisseur of herbs and their use. For its function is associated with cleaning and protection against negative demands and vibrations. In spiritual works, this Caboclo is excellent in the exercise of passes, because, having its foundation in Oxalá, it becomes an Entity of great value to maintain discipline and harmony in the environments in which it works.

Likes fruits and sweet wines. His favorite amalah is Axoxô with fruits: 12 ears of green corn, 1 coconut cut into strips, honey to taste, 6 bananas, 6 guavas, 6 apples, 6 pears, 3 bunches of white grapes, 1 melon, 1 papaya .

How to prepare: cook the corn in water, remove the kernels from the cobs, place them on a platter or bowl, garnish with strips of coconut with the inner husk and drizzle with plenty of honey. Garnish the plate with the fruits and serve.