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Material: Hand-painted plaster.

Size: Approximately 20 cm tall.

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There are some currents of scholars in Umbanda Sagrada who approach this entity as enchanted, that is, one that has never inhabited or had an earthly life and manifests itself through the forces of nature.

It is worth explaining that the Enchanted Plan, where not only the phalanx of the Exu Mirins lives, but where Erês, Caboclos, etc. also reside, is in the seventh dimension to the left of our human dimension.

However, some of these entities, when manifested, tell their stories in life, what they did and how they became beings of light, accompanying and helping several other phalanges, especially those on the left.

Its main characteristic is the excitement and joy it brings when manifesting.

However, this way of being and acting has a great function, which is to neutralize and push away all the negative energies that surround us without us being able to realize it, because not all the evil that affects us is visible to our eyes.

Exu Mirim has the great function of unfolding our life, taking all our personal complications and “rollings” far away.

To these entities we owe all respect, as well as what is directed to others, as he can cause great confusion in the lives of those he wants to torment, until the person really learns the lesson he needs.

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