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Material: Hand-painted plaster.

Size: Approximately 20 cm tall.

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A lot is asked about who Maria Navalha is in umbanda, because her main reference is precisely her name.
Because it raises questions like “why the razor?” But calm down, she wasn't a murderer or anything like that.

In fact Maria “Navalha” was at first a nickname, or code name if you prefer, because at a certain point in her life she escaped an extreme situation, and after that moment she started to always carry a razor with her.
However, in Umbanda she has another name, that of one of the “malandros”. Which are the idols/entities known as Pernambuco.
Furthermore, Maria Navalha is known for:
• Cure addictions;
• Work on love;
• Protect the defenseless.
The story goes that Maria Navalha lost her mother when she was still young and that she ended up with no way out, having to be raised, along with her younger sister, by her alcoholic stepfather.
Due to her addiction, her stepfather was very violent and constantly beat and insulted her with words, especially when he returned from the bar.
With no way out, Maria put up with all this for a long time until, one day, he hit her sister. At that moment, she gathered what little she had (almost nothing), waited for her stepfather to leave the house and, thus, dropped everything and left carrying her younger sister and left.
So Maria found herself living on the street, with nothing and needing to take care of a child. With no money to support both of them, she saw no other way out than prostituting herself and so she did. She found a place to live and at night went out to work, leaving her sister safe at home.
Through the bars of life, Maria began to make her clients and thus managed to pay her bills and support herself. Until one night, walking through the alleys and alleys, she was surrounded by three ill-looking men who began to verbally assault and molest her. Desperate and alone, she tried to get rid of those men, but they were much stronger than her.
Already surrendered, without strength and on the verge of giving up, a man appeared from behind the bar tables, wearing a white suit, with a red tie and a white hat with red stripes. He was very handsome, tall and strong and right there he shouted: “Leave her alone!”
With the shout, the men turned away from Maria and charged at him. Without thinking twice, the unknown man landed an accurate blow that knocked everyone down. Maria thanked the handsome man and said that she would be forever grateful to him.
Already far from the bar and out of the curious gaze of the others, the man called her and, when they were in a dark alley, he took a razor from his pocket, handed it to her and said: “Use this to protect yourself, girl.”
He gave the most beautiful smile a man could give, in a bohemian way, roguish and full of mischief. Maria still hesitated to take the gift, but she couldn't refuse something from the one who had saved her life.
That's when he introduced himself and told him: "I'm Zé Pelintra, I'll always be around." In a swift movement he lifted his hat, bowing to her, and set off towards the dark street. After that day, Maria never saw the man again, only in her dreams.
She continued to frequent the same bar where they met. But now everyone feared her and Maria became known as the woman with the razor, more popularly known as Maria Navalha.
Features of Maria Navalha
Maria Navalha comes from the line of Malandros, although in some terreiros she is considered a Pomba Gira. The mediums who carry and incorporate it usually carry Iansã in their crown, but it is not uncommon to see daughters of Yemanja incorporate this entity.
Maria Navalha is much sought after to solve problems for people with addictions, as well as working for love. Many also look for her to help with financial problems and, most of the time, the one whom Maria Navalha protects manages to escape the troubles of life.
The people connected to her are friendly, kind, and always well-dressed and elegant. Quite vain, they love to receive perfumes and red lipsticks. They can wear both the suits, very characteristic of the malandros, and the typical dresses in red and white. She just doesn't dispense with the hat, characteristic of the Malandros line.
Due to her trickery and her bohemian life, Maria Navalha can be said to be an expert “in people”. She deeply understands the human soul and its abysses, as she has been through it all.
Maria Navalha can be seen drinking almost anything: beers in general, smoothies, coquinho drip, cognac and, sometimes, not being so common, even whiskey or pinga.
As objects to work on her force field, she can carry the traditional razor, as well as dice, cards or a dagger.
For smoking, she usually uses white filter cigarettes in general, including flavored cigarettes. In some cases, not very common, she can be seen smoking a cigar.
Her guides are in red and white colors and sometimes they can also feature black. They can feature details like dice or cards and, of course, a razor.

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