• Egunita

Egunita 10 cm


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Material: Hand-painted plaster.

Size: Approximately 10 cm tall.

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Egunitá or Oro Iná, the Orixá that belongs to the Feminine Throne of Justice and Law, carries with her as symbols of her power: the ray, the 6-pointed star and the sword. Her mission is to purify beings of all negative energy that makes them desperate and lost.

She was discovered in Umbanda as an Orisha of purification, which removes addictions and purifies man of all emotional excess. In Candomblé, Egunitá is known as a quality of Iansã. Therefore, it is among Umbanda's Orixás that her mystery was recently revealed through her cosmic irradiation.

In the line of Justice, Egunitá warms the winds of Ogun, radiates the Air of Iansã and enhances the Fire of Xangô, so that the four can divinely govern the Laws of the world and bring the response of the Orixás to everyone.

Totally rational, just like Xangô, she will not be moved by feelings and will only help whoever she deems worthy, her performance in our lives does not depend on our own will - since when we find ourselves unbalanced or addicted to something, we are not capable of deciding anything for ourselves. on her own – when she deems it necessary and deserving, Egunita will act quickly with her power of dissipated flame to clean our soul and burn all negative energy. She is also responsible for conducting the Linha dos Ciganos.

The difference between her fire and that of Xangô is that it has a negative factor, that is, its flames consume, while the Orisha Xangô has a scorching fire, which ignites.
History of Egunitá

The stories of the Orixás are full of secrets, especially for Egunitá. This is because Her Mystery was recently opened to people, being an entity worshiped only among the Orixás of Umbanda. Therefore, she still does not have concrete information about her manifestations.
Characteristics of the Daughters and Sons of Egunitá

Our head Orixás are our main regents and that is why we end up having their main characteristics in our formation as a person. Therefore, the children of Egunitá are impulsive people, who are driven by the desire to correct and repair what they think is wrong, have a strong temper, are not easily persuaded and love to communicate.

On the negative side, when their feelings are at the forefront, they are capable of being vindictive, calculating, very stubborn, and especially insensitive. These sons and daughters can't stand monotony, but they also can't live without the concept of home in their lives, they want to get out but need to know there's a cozy place to go back to.

These people will not be able to get along with someone who is lazy and lacks intelligent conversation.
Egunitá's syncretism

Its syncretism is with Santa Sara de Kali. This black and gypsy Saint accompanied the Três Marias and throughout the life of Jesus Christ, even helping in his birth.