Casal Pretos Velhos
  • Casal Pretos Velhos

Casal Pretos Velhos


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Material: Hand-painted plaster.

Size: Approximately 10 cm tall.

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Pretos Velhos or Pretos-velhos are Umbanda entities, spirits that present themselves in the fluidic body of old Africans who lived in the slave quarters, mostly as slaves who died in the stocks or of old age, and who love to tell the stories of the time of captivity. They are purified deities of former African slaves. Wise, tender and patient, they give love, faith and hope to "their children".

They are the masters of wisdom and humility. Through their various experiences, in countless lives, they understood that only love builds and unites everyone, that matter allows us to exist and experience facts and sensations, but that it does not exist by itself, we are the ones who create it for these experiences, and that reality is the spirit. With humility, despite immense wisdom, they help us in this quest, with advice and vibrations of unconditional love. They are also masters of the elements of nature, which they use in their blessings.